Thursday, April 5, 2012

High Top Hysteria - April 5

High Top Hysteria is running pretty high in Cuse Nation these days. As we are always a trusted news source, Lots of Pulp is here to help you make sense of all the mayhem and destruction leading up to April 11, and his ultimate decision. 

T-Minus 6 days until D-Day
High Top Hysteria Update - April 5, 2012!!!!!!!

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Nerlens News
Calipari to meet with Oriakhi (
Wait, I thought Noel was their #1 priority ever since he re-classified to this year's class? Are they hedging their bets? Feeling the heat from Cuse?

Or maybe they just don't want Nerlens as much as we think ... just saying.

Nerlens Notes

Oh, snap. It's Nerlens's Birthday the day before he declares? April 10?

You know what that means. Nerlens has invited coaches from Syracuse, Kentucky, and one nerd from Georgetown whose mother insisted he must be allowed to attend, to his birthday party. Whoever is the best party guest will be able to have the all inclusive independent play date with Nerlens. Jesus that sounds dirty. They will be BFFs.

So how are they going to impress Nerlens? Gifts of course.

From Georgetown, you can probably expect a used copy of a Virginia Woolf novel.

From Syracuse, a collection of commemorative t-shirts, and several specially made for Nerlens ("High aTop the Rankings," "Noel+Christmas = Joy to the World," "The Nightmare Next to Christmas," "Noel, Noel, born is the king of Syracuse.")

Kentucky already submitted its birthday present to Nerlens in New Orleans. No, not a national championship ... a hillbilly wife. Returned to sender, bitches. Better come up with something NN actually wants, and fast. Our guess is it will include a large check and the keys to a new car ...
So it all depends on what Noel wants: a neverending supply of cotton t-shirts or a neverending supply of cars and cash. Tough call.

Nerlens Nonsense
#ThingsIdRatherDoThanGoToBlockParty (
Way to go, UU. Not only did you piss off an entire student body and community, you may have cost SU its chance at Nerlens Noel and a potential national championship. Nice work, guys.

I mean, come on. The concert is named BLOCK party. You don't think Nerlens is paying attention to this? You think he wants to see Kaskade? Who the hell is Kaskade? I honestly have no idea.

Nerlens Nostradamus

Kaskade turned the High Top blue

Gotta turn the High Top blue today. Not because of Calipari staying, or the upcoming birthday gifts. But it looks like UU has doomed us all to watching Noel follow in Anthony Davis' footsteps. The Orange blood will be on your hands, guys.
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