Friday, February 24, 2012

The Odd Case of Brandon Triche

It seems that for two years now, you've been hearing a lot of things about Brandon Triche.

You've heard or said that it seems like he's temperamental. Some days he looks like he wants to dominate, other days it looks like he's just going to tentatively go through the motions.

It's likely that you've also discussed the fact that he seems to have all the assets to be a force.

Jim Boeheim has told you that he "has never lost faith in Brandon" and he constantly praises him. I can't remember many players that coast by without much of a verbal beatdown from Jimmy B. But Brandon seems to avoid most of Jim's wrath. Boeheim is a staunch Triche defender. But maybe that's because...

Jim Boeheim created Brandon Triche.


Work with me here.

Brandon Triche is a robot. You've seen rare flashes of emotions, but that's just his circuits crossing. Ever rigid in his movements, straight faced Triche plays with little flair.

There have been a few additions to try and mask the fact that Brandon Triche was manufactured in the Life Sciences building under the supervision of Jimmy B.

First, he was given some scraggly facial hair to give him the appearance of human qualities.

Second, his circuits have once or twice been crossed to show some mild emotions this year, just to keep skeptics at bay.

Third, he's been allowed to do things like this.

Yet, why has he been struggling recently? Why is he having technical difficulties that land him on the bench at the end of games?

Jim Boeheim is turning down Brandon's power.
 Boeheim is simply waiting for the right moment to fully utilize what he has in the junior guard.

For now, Robot Triche will just have to go through the motions.
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  1. Ya know... callin one of our key players names and making fun of his game is really classy. But your premise has some bearing. Brandons game at SU is a creation of Jim Boeheim and thats one of Brandon's strength. If you notice Brandon is now playing SG... which in this offense means you curl off screens and hit the jumper or make a pass. In these plays the middle is often clogged, not opened up as it is for the PG on a pick & roll... so Brandon is doing what the system asks. When the rest of the team is having probs scoring or if Coach has exerted Brandon to be more aggressive on offense... his game is not as pretty as the smaller Scoop, nor as dynamic as KJ, or as easy as CJ... Brandon's gamecomes from J-D HS where you jump stop and take the 8 ft jumper, not the AAU circuit where you bomb 3's or go to the rack for a jam or a dump to a highly ranked 6'9" 16 year old. Brandons freelance game will get you points & wins in Utica at a King of Kings game. He makes the off balance shots you shouldnt take, better than anyone on this squad; BUT he's become a very productive SU college player doing it Jim Boeheims way getting good hi % shots... hoping he gets whatever he wants down the road.

    1. Just having fun with his mild demeanor.

      Hope he breaks out of his mini-funk today at UConn

    2. Would it be fun for YOU if a website was created calling you a bonehead... no, its not funny its childish, and listening to crap like that for 4 years hurts. But then as a "blogger" I guess you are just craving attention... theres no such thing as bad publicity... right?


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