Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 5 excuses for the "Crash of the Titans"

Get it? Mount Olympus? Crash of the Titans?
 More bad jokes to follow:

5. Isn't this the shortcut to Lucy's?

4. OMG worst sober sister EV-ER

3. Fab Melo was coming for my wiper knob!

2. I thought I saw Mark Schwarz on the sidewalk.

And your number one reason....
1) This isn't the Chancellor's Wall? Shit.

In all seriousness, hope you're OK driver. If you're looking to go off-roading, just swing by the Georgetown campus next time. Pin It Now!


  1. I've known those stairs for 50 years, I'm going to defend them. That driver was just looking to make money.

  2. They are going to get the 2012 Range Rover for Christmas anyway.

  3. Those stairs are liars

  4. Those stairs were asking for it...lookit how they're dressed?

  5. Rough night at Haaaaaarryyyyys.


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