Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet the Writers: Patrick

I don't believe in tweeting (Brian will handle that) and I'm not about to let you peruse my facebook with the rest of the creepers.

Your trusty writer after
the Georgetown game
What I will do, though, is what I do best. Bitch, moan and make outrageously exaggerated comments about Syracuse sports, like “Doug Marrone is the greatest humanitarian in all the world, and his sharts bring about significantly more good than Bono.”

As I look at my clock for the first time while I write this, it's 4:44. I may have not grown up in Syracuse, but since I stepped foot on the hill, everything in my life suddenly has a significance to the greatest university in the troposphere, Syracuse.

Unlike Brian, I won't bore you with qualifications. Sure, I've written in the past. But I also saw a monkey working an iPad ten times better than I can and a woman expressing herself artistically with a marker placed in an unusual spot in a club in Thailand, better than I could ever creatively express myself.
I mean, check out that sentence. Chew on that Newhouse.

Alright enough of that crap, on to my passion for everything Orange related.

First Football Game:
Sept 18, 2004 – 19-7 W. vs. Cincinnati: Sweaty Carrier Dome, check. Mesh shorts and my freshman lanyard, check. A victory? What the hell? The beginning of the end...

First Basketball Game:
Nov. 11, 2004 – 104-54 W. over Northern Colorado: 50 point win? Yes. Tacos. Yes? About 10k scattered about, but I still knew this would be a special event in the cuse community.

Greatest SU Memory:
Well, my memory is a piece of crap. But, I do remember a few things vaguely.

Craig Forth buying me dinner at Schine. I'll leave the rest up to your imaginations.

G-Mac literally pulling up for 35 footers and giving the Huskies a taste of their own medicine by murdering them all day + chicken nuggets + 2 mins missed despite a mid game midterm = magnificent.

Of course, the Pinstripe Bowl was quite possibly the most glorious day in Bronx history, except for the birth of our one Dougles. And those Yankee memories – but most people hate those.

Most Depressing SU Sports Memory
Realizing that the Orangemen shirt I got when I decided to attend Syracuse was now unofficial as a result of some sensitivity training for our new little gremlin leader.

That and Greg Robinson and all of his essence. Oh, and the “Dynasty.”

Favorite SU football player -
Diamond Ferri, who made it actually acceptable for white kids to throw up a modified “Roc.”

Favorite SU basketball player -

Johnny Flynn for his Hak impression and never-ending heart.

And I love me some Kristof. Who doesn't?

Favorite Lax Player:
Whoever leads Cuse so I can brag about the awesomeness of Syracuse. I'm into Lax, but if you want the hardcore stuff (and I know you will), Brian will supply that.

If I were an SU sports star I'd be:
Jim Boeheim. You don't give two shits about anyone's feelings, you're an amazing basketball coach, you hate cancer, and you go home to Julie. I mean, we all are like, "Oooh he's sour." But he's who you want to be most days, you just don't have the cojones to be that ruthless.
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