Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome to Syracuse, Nerlens!

The Nerlens Noel special is scheduled for 7:30 tonight on ESPNU, with the Announcement projected at around 8:45, according to Brent Axe. That's too late to get a legitimate reaction piece up, so we're going to react before the decision is actually made. Just to hedge our bets, we're posting a positive and a negative reaction, since these 18-year-old kids can be somewhat unpredictable. Click here to read the other side.


From one great Orangeman to the next

You've made a wise decision, Young Nerlens. Clearly you realized that Syracuse could offer you the best combination of competing for a national championship, improving your pro prospects and becoming part of a true family atmosphere.

-Your High Top Fade is the coolest thing we've ever seen. You will be a star here, and you'll see 30,000+ fans rocking the hairstyle by the end of the season.

The 2013 version of the Big Heads

-Your shot blocking skills will be revered for generations, and you've come to the right place to display them. Rick Jackson and Fab Melo were Big East Defensive Player of the Year, and there's no doubt you will soon continue their legacy of dominant big men that anchor the zone.

-Your ability to get out in transition is perfect for this team. We love to run, and you're going to throw down 14+ a night on alley oops alone from your boy MCW.

-You and DeJuan Coleman on the back line together. Twin Towers. I think I just heard Jack Cooley sh*t his pants.

Get by one ... blocked by the other ... every time

-Your Twitter feed is primed to take over the void left behind when Dion decided to leave. And we're the perfect match for that. It's your birthday? Let's get a hashtag going. #HAPPYBIRTHDAYNERLENSWELOVEYOU.

Note: If Nerlens picks Kentucky or Georgetown tonight, please disregard this post. And click here to read You Suck, Nerlens, instead.  Pin It Now!

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