Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High Top Hysteria - April 4

High Top Hysteria is running pretty high in Cuse Nation these days. As we are always a trusted news source, Lots of Pulp is here to help you make sense of all the mayhem and destruction leading up to April 11, and his ultimate decision.

T-Minus 7 days until D-Day
High Top Hysteria Update - April 4, 2012!!!!!!!

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Nerlens News
Nerlens' Notebook - Decision Day Set
Ho-ly-sh*t-snacks. Screw the notes and the nonsense today. Nerlens is writing a blog for ESPN leading up to April 11, and just posted an update today. We're breaking this baby down piece by piece.

I just got back from New Orleans playing in the All-American Championships and had a ball. The game was fun, of course, just playing with all my boys, but we had even more fun hanging out in the city. 
He's talking about DeJuan Coleman and Jerami Grant right? Has to be. Ooooohhhh this is good. They played on the back line together at the game, and they probably went HAM in New Orleans together. Good signs. Definitely leaning 'Cuse.

I literally got stopped hundreds of times and took dozens and dozens of pictures. The fans were showing me so much love out there, and I definitely have to say that most of the fans were from Kentucky. 
(EXPLETIVE) (EXPLETIVE) (EXPLETIVE) He's so going to Kentucky. There's no way around it. This f#cking blows. I HATE EVERYONE!!!
Now of course that had a lot to do with the fact that they were playing there, but I’m always just shocked at how dedicated Kentucky fans are. One man asked me if I wanted to take his wife home with me, ha ha. I couldn’t believe it. I was like “Nah, I’m good,” but that’s just how insane the fans were down there. Great atmosphere. 
Alright, that's good. Of course Nerlens doesn't want your hillbilly wife. That's a negative point for UK, for sure.
OK, so by now I assume most of you guys know that I cut my list to Kentucky, Georgetown and Syracuse a few weeks back. I just thought it was time to get it down to the schools that I was really looking at the hardest. 
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Georgetown??? HAHAHAHA. Seriously, let's talk about the real contenders here ...
Kentucky had the big win Monday night and I had a good time watching that game. I was really liking how Anthony Davis continued to be effective even without scoring the ball. I know how it feels to not be able to get it going on the offensive end at times and that makes you just want to go even harder defensively. I loved that he got Most Outstanding Player, too. Just seeing him have all the success that he’s had this year definitely makes me think a lot about what I could be doing there. That’s really appealing to me.  
I wouldn’t say that all of that stuff gives Kentucky an advantage though. It’s just something I think about a lot. 
For real? So you're saying there's a chance? WOOOOOOO!!!!
With Syracuse, they’ve been on me the longest of the three schools on my list. That factors in heavy with me. That’s big for me.
That's right, you Johnny Come Latelys. He's ours! Back off! Nerlens knows who really loves him. He's coming to Syracuse for sure.
I’ve decided to announce my decision a week from today on ESPN so I’ve got a lot of thinking to do between now and then. And I’ve heard the rumors about me making a decision already. That’s not true. Rumors are rumors, what can you do, but just know that I'm far from a decision no matter what you hear. 
YOU KNOW IT! He's saying the rumors about Kentucky are FALSE. Which means he HATES KENTUCKY. And he's coming to CUUUUSEE BABY!
I would love to play with (Shabazz) in college though
 Oh, SON. OF. A. BITCH. They're definitely picking Kentucky together. How could they not?
Don't forget to follow Nerlens Noel on Twitter: @NerlensNoel3
What's that? Pimping the Twitter handle? You know who loves you on Twitter, Nerlens? Right? That has to be a sign! It is a sign! If Cuse fans follow him more on Twitter and tweet him more love, he'll pick SU! It's a coded message to us all. His decision will be based on Twitter love. OH THANK GOD. WE OWN THAT! RALLY THE TROOPS!

Nerlens Nostradamus

An up and down day, but Orange wins out
Twitter love = commitment. He basically said that word for word. Let's do this. #Noel2Cuse Pin It Now!

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