Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who do you want taking the last shot?

Syracuse is faced with a two point deficit with 5 seconds left to play. Since there are no players on the team capable of taking and potentially making a shot, you have the choice of the following go - to guys from the big screen. Who would you choose?

Bruce Willis

He will always fight to the very last drop of blood pouring out of his body. No matter if out-manned or literally pouring his organs all over the floor, Bruce does not give in. Arnold simply outmuscles people and hasn't had as hard a strength of schedule. It's hard to design plays for Stallone - he just runs straight forward. From Germans to aliens to rapists, Bruce will be the last one standing. 

Jean Claude Van Damme

While not the roughest player in the world, he's an excellent learner. Will take what his coach (sensei) tells him and apply it to perfection. Doesn't overly hammer opponents but has the requisite swagger and confidence to finish.

Denzel Washington

A man who has Courage Under Fire, who is Unstoppable, an American Gangster who could fit right into Xavier's locker room. He's got a License to Kill, a Man frequently on Fire, who will lead you to glory. Only thing is, he's usually not recognized and didn't take the national spotlight till he played a crooked cop.

Russell Crowe

He's such an enigma. Every team desires his talent. Yet he simply is a loose cannon. You're never sure if he's going to put forth a fantastic game (movie) or throw a phone at your head during a team practice. At the end of the day, though, he seems to shine bright.

Kiefer Sutherland

He's a hard nosed son of a bitch with loyalty that will make your golden retriever wild with envy. Adept at finishing what he started without tiring, using the bathroom or sleeping. Unfortunately, it seems like every play he runs is the exact same.

Samuel L Jackson 

Loud, intense and passionate, Samuel L will deliver you play after play. Only thing is, he usually fouls out before the game's over.

Liam Neeson

Flashes every once in a while with such utter brilliance that it makes you forget some of his follow up performances. You could trust him for his ability to improvise and choke the life out of the other team (Taken), yet it's possible he will fall flat on his face (Unknown).

Honorable Mention
Dolph Lundgren (one amazing performance is not enough - heavily recruited by Kentucky)
Matt Damon (pretty boy has Duke in his sights)
Jackie Chan (too flashy for the Big East)
Chuck Norris (overused, overguarded)
Hulk Hogan (two words: Suburban. Commando)

Who do you think SU should recruit to be it's go-to guy? Vote in the poll in the top left of the page and let us know in the comments section. Pin It Now!


  1. Liam Neeson would be a great on ball defender... perfect for that 1 stop situation, but not the go-to-guy in the clutch.

    That would be the man, the myth, the legend, the fresh prince, Will Smith.

    nobody has more big hits than that man, plus he looks a lot like a cold-blooded nba assassin of yesterday.

    1. Did you not see Will shoot in the intro to Fresh Prince? He takes a terrible hook shot that's not even close to going in.

      Maybe a few years into his collegiate career he'd develop, but I'm not taking him right now.

    2. Clearly u don't remember the episode where he plays for Bel-Air Academy and Coach Smiley says in the huddle "Uhhh,Pass it to Will"

      He also played against Isiah Thomas 1-on-1 in his dream hahahaha


      The first shot says it all...

    4. Those were 6 foot hoops. Peter Dinklage could have dominated on that court

  2. fine, gimme the combo of billy hoyle and sidney deane

  3. I don't think any of these gentlemen have exceptional basketball skills. That being said, the only one I'd feel confident picking would be Neeson. Even if he didn't make the shot, which is highly likely because I've never seen him playing let alone holding a basketball, he'd immediately start killing people in the arena until the score was manually changed. So, I guess that would guarantee victory... and a bloodbath.


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