Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Five Stages of Fab Grief

If you're reading this post, you've probably already been through most, if not all of these stages. I'm probably somewhere between depression and acceptance, and I'm hoping this will help me get there sooner rather than later. Not sure if it's working yet ...

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1. Denial
"No way Fab is out. We already dealt with that sh*t. You're full of it, d-bag UNC fan at work. Eat a d*ck."

Unfortunately this was a pretty quick stage, since SUAthletics.com basically reported the Fab suspension. Hard to argue with that when it's more or less an official statement from the start. Cue stage two.

2. Anger
"F#CK F#CK F#UCK F#UCK. I hate you Fab! You're selfish! I hate you Syracuse for putting me through this! F#CK academic standards! F#CK the world!

Saw a lot of this going around on Twitter. I was responsible for a decent amount myself. It makes sense. You feel like Fab hurt you personally, and in a way he did. All your dreams of going to New Orleans for a glorious weekend are out the window. Damnit.

3. Bargaining
"If Christmas can play 25 solid minutes, we could beat Ashville and maybe Kansas State. Maybe we can get lucky against Vandy and maybe Ohio State gets knocked out before the elite eight. If we can just win a few games maybe we'll get lucky. Just win a few games please. We need you Christmas!!!"

I went through this one at about 3 p.m. Started thinking of how matchups might be able to fall perfectly to get SU to the final four. It's a lost cause though. We're destined to play all the top teams with our luck this year.

4. Depression
"I should just sell my tickets to Boston. Why even bother making the trip? Why does this happen every time we're good? How does this keep happening to meeeeeeee???? I don't want to f#cking talk to anyone. f#ck everything.

Guessing a lot of you are still in this stage. It's a dark place. Try to make it out soon. This might help (H/T @zamalkany) ...

5. Acceptance
"We're gonna just battle on with the guys we have and go as far as we can. Every win is a blessing, and let's just enjoy this for as long as it goes. All the pressure is off, and we're the underdogs. Let's embrace it."

I think I'm getting to this stage. Maybe I'm just willing it to be true. All I can say is I still have Syracuse winning the championship in my bracket. Maybe that's just crazy, but I love this team too much to give up on them. I'm going to enjoy every second we have left with them and hope I still get to see something special.

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  1. BEST POST of the YEAR!

  2. I went through all of those, literally, except the first half of Step 4. Would NEVER EVER consider leaving the cuse behind. ever.

    but agreed, fuck everyone.

  3. When ESPN hires morons like Doug Gottlieb, he starts hating on Syracuse. When Doug Gottlieb hates on Syracuse, the whole world starts to hate on Syracuse. When the whole world hates on Syracuse, they become hypervigilant and bench Fab Melo. When Fab Melo gets benched, your bracket is ruined and you lose the National Championship...

    Dont let your bracket get ruined and lose the National Championship. Get rid of morons like Doug Gottlieb

    1. Very clever....thanks for the laugh! And I completely agree.

    2. That's funny. Well done.

  4. Jim Boeheim...no control over his program. Finally starting to bite him this year.

  5. Wait, so it's Doug Gottlieb's fault that a kid like Melo can't get his grades in order? Are you serious?

    I miss Al McGuire...I loved that guy!

    1. You missed the point. It was a humorous riff on the new DirecTv commercials, like the one where you end up in a ditch or the one where your grandbaby has a dog collar

  6. I couldnt agree more that Boeheim needs to get control of discipline in his program. I feel bad for the rest of the guys on the team. There is no "I" in team. This could have been a great year!

  7. Just lame. I have a feeling fab failed a drug test, but that's just me.

  8. I'm stuck at Anger and Depression, and just going back and forth between those two. The only way I'll reach Acceptance is if we get to the Final Four.

  9. I'm not changing my bracket at all. Look at the match ups, even with the best teams we could play we can beat any of them if the rest of the team, ESPECIALLY the g'damn SENIORS play to their level. I said even before Fab was lost that this tournament depends on Chris and Scoop. If Scoop could pull his head out of his ass for 4 weeks, we could still win this.

  10. Excellent article and comments everyone.

    I do have one question:
    When Fab goes to the NBA, on Hispanic Pride night, will the back of his jersey read:

    I sure hope so.

  11. Wasn't there a lot of talk about how out bench was a top 20 team? As long as the team doesn't think we need Fab to win we'll do fine. Is that another form of denial? Unleash the hellish fury that is Dion Waiters

  12. Some of you argue that Boeheim needs to get control of his team, but I disagree. Fab Melo is solely responsible for his own actions; he is an adult. He knew what he was doing by not showing up to class or doing drugs or whatever it may be that caused his ineligibility. It's not his coaches job to babysit him. His decisions and actions are what may effect this team, and only he is to blame. There are hundreds of thousands of student athletes without full scholarships that manage to balance academics, athletics, and other activities; and no one is congratulating the coaches of those students for having control over their athletes.

    With that said I am clearly still in the anger phase. However, there is plenty of talent and drive in the rest of the 'Cuse players for them to pull this off; GO ORANGE!!!

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  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. With actions comes consequences...weren't we taught that as children?
    Come on, look in the mirror Fab...That's who to blame...
    The Cuse can go as far as they want IF they play to their potential...there are far more better posts than this but at least it helps with my "acceptance"...

  16. Quite sad to think that the coaching staff paid no attention to this matter. If they want to win the National Championship, it has to be done on and off the court. Sure us Alumni and Orange fans are disappointed, what about the other players on the team...who have the talent and heart to win the championship! So much for "UN"Fab Melo obviously NOT a team player...All I can say is: "LET's GO ORANGE"!!!!

  17. Fab you were a Bust last year, and you were a bigger bust this year. Have fun getting drafted in the 2nd round and playing in the developmental league for a few years before playing in europe.

  18. Brian. Great posting. I know you real well ,you will never get to acceptance, good try. Stay away from sharp objects until the depression lifts.

  19. That video just made it been worse. That SHOULD be us, WITH MELO in a beautiful New Orleans symmetry. It still be but my doubts are huge now.

  20. Best thing I've read all year about SU besides there WINS!!! Love it!


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