Tuesday, April 10, 2012

High Top Hysteria - April 10

High Top Hysteria is running pretty high in Cuse Nation these days. As we are always a trusted news source, Lots of Pulp is here to help you make sense of all the mayhem and destruction leading up to April 11, and his ultimate decision. 

T-Minus 1 day until D-Day
High Top Hysteria Update - April 10, 2012!!!!!!! 

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Nerlens News
Nerlens Notebook: Pre-Decision Thoughts (ESPN.com)

Nerlens Noel came back for a special birthday edition of his running notebook with ESPN.com. First he spends nearly half the thing talking about a game no one cares about (Seriously, the Nike Hoop Summit? Who cares). But he finally got on to the important things.

On Georgetown ...
Then you’ve got Georgetown, and I really just like everything about them. When I went down there with my mom, it really opened my eyes to what they were all about. I have to factor in what a school like that can do for me, even away from being a basketball player. It’s just a great school and they have a history of developing big men. Georgetown is definitely a great option for me. 
I mean, he DID basically see their gametime atmosphere by visiting in April. No one is in the stands during the season, either.

On Kentucky ...
Of course they’re coming off the national championship, but I’d look more at how I’d be able to fit in and how I’d be used there. I’d factor in what my role would be offensively, likeAnthony Davis with a lot of lobs and catching it at the high post and things like that. Defensively I think it’ll take care of itself. 
Legitimate points. We have no use for these.

On Syracuse ...

I look at Syracuse and I love the way that the coaches say that they’ll use me in their offense. I really like the family atmosphere there and I feel really comfortable there. Syracuse has been on me the longest of all three schools and that is big for me. 
But is family really that important to you, Nerlens? Oh wait ... maybe it is ...

On the loss at the Nike Hoop Summit that no one cared about ...
The locker room was a little quiet at first, but we had good leaders that spoke up and made us all feel a little better. Like Mitch (McGary), he just talked about how we were a family and that we were all brothers and that we played our hearts out. It made a lot of us feel better.
BOOM!!!! ROASTED KENTUCKY AND GEORGETOWN!!! And what else do we know about Syracuse and family? Just check out last year's team poster.

Nerlens Notes

Michael Carter-Williams made some noise on Twitter today. Not only wishing his buddy happy birthday, but also "taking care of things."

@NerlensNoel3 I handled that thing u needed me to handle bro! U feel me

I hope Michael knew that SU had a few extra scholarships to spare, and didn't go out and murder Trevor Cooney last night to make room.

Either way, this is a good sign. You need something taken care of, Nerlens, we got a guy for that. Not some booster, who's going to rat you out the first chance he gets so he can put his mug up on ESPN. No, YOUR TEAMMATES will literally kill a drifter for you if that's necessary (hopefully not literally). They will "handle" whatever it is you need to "handle."

That's family right there. And remember, you never go against the family.

Nerlens Nonsense
#ShockingNerlensAnnouncement (Twitter)
Late last night, Nerlens tweeted out that he was "Gon shock the world !!." Predictably, that sent everyone into a frenzy on Twitter. At one point #ShockingNerlensAnnouncement was the 4th most trending topic on Twitter - IN THE WORLD.

Here are some highlights ...

That was me on the grassy knoll

"Ron Paul has asked me to be his Vice-President and I have accepted." 

 I volunteer as tribute.

I just hired Fab Melo as my tutor....

I have decided to get my degree online at the University of Phoenix. 

Nerlens Nostradamus 

High Top Online Fade
The writing is on the wall ... er ... high top fade, people. Nerlens is going to truly shock the world tomorrow. You heard it here first.
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