Monday, April 30, 2012


Not sure if you heard this today, but the Georgetown University clock's hands are missing. At first, we assumed it was a Syracuse fan fulfilling his or her birthright of destroying everything Hoya related. But it turns out, this "tradition" has been going on for some time.

From the Washington Post's web site, Georgetown d-bags students swiped the hands back in 2005. When their roommate - in true Georgetown backstabbing form - turned them in, they were forced to endure a brutal punishment:
They were placed on disciplinary probation for a year (meaning they could get kicked out if they got in trouble again), and each had to write an essay on “more constructive university traditions,” according to the Hoya.
So, as always, we want to help these beloved Georgetown students (read: we absolutely do not want to help you), by assembling our own list of "more constructive Georgetown traditions."

  • Hand stitching little dolphins and swordfish onto all your clothing
  • Fighting innocent Chinese basketball players
  • Reminiscing about the glory days or Georgetown basketball, which, of course, came before you were born.
  • Scream "Hoya Saxa" in an arena with approximately 26 other people present (players and coaches included)
  • Hide every ugly woman fan - so every woman fan - with disgusting face paint.
  • Fighting in the stands over SAT scores (this ACTUALLY happened during the 2011 SU game).
  • Doing their best Bobby Newport impersonation
  • Date rape

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