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High Top Hysteria - April 3, 2012

T-Minus 8 days until D-Day
High Top Hysteria is running pretty high in Cuse Nation these days. There are Twitter campaigns to woo him in the direction of the Orange, and anti-Twitter campaigns to ward off potential recruiting violations. As we are always a trusted news source, Lots of Pulp is here to help you make sense of all the mayhem and destruction leading up to April 11, and his ultimate decision.

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***UPDATE - 3:48 p.m.***

News is flying in every second here on HTH 2012. Just after we finished recapping the days events (see below), a MONSTER Tweet touched down on the Interwebs.

John Barry, apparently a young child, or a small jockey, tugged at Noel's heartstrings with this video.

Judging by how quickly Noel retweeted it to his followers, he is either 100% committing to Syracuse right now, or he hates children and wants to see them suffer. There is no in between. Let's hope, for America's sake, it's the former.

Editor's Note to Johnny - If you're going to be a successful 4-year-old booster, you should work on the "rotate clockwise tool."

High Top Hysteria Update - April 3, 2012

Nerlens News
Fab Melo to sign agent, enter NBA draft (Sporting News)
Nerlens noticed this yesterday, or didn't, when he hit the Twitterverse wondering if Fab was really going pro. That stirred Cuse Nation into a frenzy, launching a hashtag campaign that briefly trended nationwide. Didn't see Kentucky fans doing that. They were too busy at the National Champio ... uhh ... let's move on.

Nerlens Notes
This is your place for hard-hitting analysis of any piece of Nerlens information. We'll take any tidbit, any size, and make sure to give you rash reactions and proclamations. In other words, we'll act just like ESPN. Mass hysteria! Breaking news! Exclusive sources!

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Hold. The. iPhone.
Nerlens retweeted who now? Andrew Schaeffer? In his twitter profile all it says is "Syracuse Orange Basketball." What does this mean?

Well, Nerlens retweets a Syracuse fan saying "I don't care who Nerlens Noel plays for next year."

To me, it seems like he's saying, "Don't worry Drew, I'm coming to Syracuse, but thanks for the compliment. I appreciate your sincere appreciation of my skills regardless of my choice."

Now, those Lexington media outlets might make the point that Nerlens is retweeting a Syracuse fan out of condolences, since he is choosing Kentucky. And if he retweets a Syracuse fan, he's not going to get in trouble for some vague Twitter NCAA regulations.

But don't believe those Calipari salaried hacks. Nerlens clearly is showing the appreciation of not feeling pressure from all of Orange Nation. He knows Andrew Schaeffer is an awesome fan, and he wants him not to worry, cause it's all good because he's coming to SU. His selective retweet proves this. And therefore his high top is leaning legitimately toward Syracuse.

Nerlens Nonsense
Nerlens Noel and the Syracuse Fan Dilemma (TNIAAM)
Recruiting violation, shmecruiting shmiolation. That's the beauty of the Internet people. No one knows who you are. It took people weeks to prove that Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of his junk to someone. And the dude's name is Weiner, for god's sake.

For all the Internet knows, you're a Kentucky fan, posing as a Syracuse fan, offering Nerlens Noel strippers and cocaine, to come to Syracuse. Or maybe you're a Tennesee fan, pretending to be a Notre Dame fan, pretending to be a Syracuse fan, so they think you're a Kentucky fan, posing as a Syracuse fan, committing 487 recruiting violations, and everyone goes down except those pesky Vols. Because no one ever cheated at Tennessee before ...

Nerlens Nostradamus

The fade looks good in Orange today

The National Title was big for Kentucky, but they really missed the boat on the Twitter hashtag game. They clearly have some catching up to do. Plus, you didn't hear it from me, but a reliable source from within tells me that Nerlens is a responsible young man, who did not take kindly to that rioting. Syracuse fans are so much more peaceful.

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