Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Whining and Enjoy the ACC

Whining is fun. A favorite activity of mine. But there comes a time when whining to just to suck it up and deal with it.

Syracuse is going to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

No matter how much you may want to believe otherwise (and you're of course welcome to), it's a reality.

Sure, we can look glowingly back on the past of the Big East. But now, let's see why this move will be a good thing.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Whining and Enjoy the ACC

10. You can hate Duke and UNC - You already hated them, but now you can do it three times a year to their faces. Maybe we can even draw tears.

9. The chance to back up your smack - You thought Syracuse would pound any ACC team to the ground in basketball. Now you can prove it.

8. BC/Virginia Tech/Miami - We didn't forget how much we hated you
That's Joe Fields right? Right.

7. A big gripe about the move is the postseason tournaments. We've gotten the answer that hopefully the ACC tourney will rotate north (doesn't fix that we'll miss the magical BET). But what about the magical bowl game SU participated in last year with a great home field advantage?

The Pinstripe Bowl HAS to become an ACC game - One or both of the Big East and Big 12 will no longer exist in two years. ACC is the logical choice to replace that one in the next contract.

6. Football recruiting – even if the ACC isn't much better than Big East football, across the country (especially on the Atlantic Coast) the name is levels above. That alone should help boost football recruiting at least a little.

5. ACC Chearleaders - You're welcome

4. Home basketball games against Duke and UNC. I've always wanted to watch one of these games played at the Dome. There's something ingrained in many college basketball spectators' heads at the beginning of their fandom – hate Duke and UNC. Again, you get to hate them with 34,000 of your friends.

3. Replacing road trips to Cincinnati, Storrs and Piscataway with trips to South Beach, Charlottesville, and Chapel Hill - why are we mad about this again?
Definitely better than Piscataway. Toss up with Morgantown.
2. No more playing DePaul - Enough said.

Here it is, the number one reason. This hasn't been discussed yet, but it had to be the driving force behind the move...

1. Syracuse will not have to constantly deal with Tim Higgins, and much more importantly, Jim Burr! 
"A few more years of this shit and you would have killed me"

Last year, Higgins reffed zero ACC games. Burr only called two!

Soak it in. It can't be worse. So there you go. 

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  1. That crying Duke kid is just as satisfying to seeing Rick Santorum's kids crying when he lost his Senate seat in 2006.

  2. If i had a nickel for everytime that I've heard "I hate you Higgins" come out of Brian's mouth, I could cancel out the National Debt, and still have enough money leftover to buy The Godfather estate in Staten Island...


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