Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mookie Jones' Tweets and Dreams

Mookie Jones is an interesting man.

Last night I took a glance at my Twitter timeline and came across this gem, which stopped me in my tracks ...

Mookie Todd Jones
I always wanted to live the Love & Basketball life but seem like that dream is killed

Wait, what???? 

***Note: Before you rip on me for having seen this movie, I'll freely admit it's a total chick flick. They throw in just enough basketball to try to disguise that fact, but it's really a girl movie through and through. But whatever, I watch chick movies sometimes, get over it.***

In case you forget the plot from this movie (don't pretend you didn't see it), here are some of the highlights from Wikipedia:
The film spans roughly thirteen years of friendship between childhood sweethearts Monica Wright and Quincy McCall. Monica and her family move to Los Angeles in 1981 from Atlanta, Georgia, and become acquainted with their new neighbors the McCalls, a wealthy family due to Quincy's father Zeke being the star shooting guard for the San Diego Clippers. Quincy and Monica are drawn to each other, sharing a love of basketball.
OK, sounds about right. Mookie loves basketball. All good so far.
The second quarter of the story begins in 1988, when both Monica and Quincy are the respective leaders of their high school teams. Scouts have taken clear notice of Quincy, who many see as one of top prospects in the country.
Still good. Mookie was a pretty highly-rated prospect. No problems ... yet.

The third quarter follows Quincy and Monica during their freshman year at USC, where they manage themselves as athletes, students, and a couple. While Quincy finds instant success on the court, as well as more female admirers, Monica struggles for playing time. Her relationship with Quincy becomes strained as he struggles to deal with the media attention surrounding a paternity suit against his father, filed by a former lover. Quincy feels betrayed by his father for lying to him and threatens to leave school early for the NBA. Monica finally earns the starting point guard spot at the end of the season. However, Quincy believes that she didn't pay enough attention to him while he was having problems with his father's infidelity. With all of the things going on in Quincy's life he decides to break up with Monica and join the NBA draft.
Alright, so you wanted to break up with your girlfriend over your dad's affair and leave school early to go to the NBA? Well at least everything probably works out in the NBA, which is Mookie's ultimate goal. Right? ...
The fourth quarter takes place during the early 1990s ... Quincy is now in his fifth year in the pros after leaving USC after his freshman season. A career journeyman and reserve, he finds himself trying to find a role with his new team, the hometown Los Angeles Lakers. He finally gets some playing time, but injures himself during a slam-dunk ... 
... oof. So 12th man is your ceiling, Mookie? What happened to 150 points in your mind? Where's the confidence? But wait, there's more ...
The film fast-forwards 2–3 years later to 1998. Monica has gone pro in the WNBA, which was created by the NBA in 1996. Now a member of the Los Angeles Sparks, she has married Quincy and uses the surname "Wright-McCall". The movie ends with Quincy helping their baby daughter to cheer on Monica as she is introduced at a Sparks game.
There it is! Mookie wishes he could be a stay-at-home dad while his wife kills it in the WNBA! Now we finally know the truth: when Mookie looked like he was envisioning 150 points, it was his future wife doing the scoring. 

Actually, now that I think of it, that doesn't seem like such a bad life at all. Personally, I'd be pretty damn happy with it. 

Don't worry, Mookie, your dreams can still come true. Someone get Kayla Alexander on the phone, now!
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