Wednesday, August 24, 2011

20 Reasons to be Excited for Syracuse Football - #6

As we move closer to the 2011 Syracuse football season, Lots of Pulp will be counting down the top 20 reasons to be excited for the new year.

You've been yearning for months now. You've wanted to clench its bun and go to town.

Geez. Get your minds out the gutter.

#6 - The Dome Dogs

Nothing better than a Saturday afternoon, or this upcoming year a Thursday Friday or Saturday afternoon or night, with a Dome Dog in one hand, and a souvenir soda mixed with some smuggled Jack Daniels in the other.

Don't let the wrinkled bun fool you, despite its appearance it's a tasty snack.

So this season, look forward to peeling back the tin foil and enjoying a Hoffman. And remember, if it doesn't look appetizing, it actually is. And it's not the Minnesota Dome Dog (DON'T CLICK THIS IF YOU ONLY LIKE GOOD CLEAN FUN), so be proud of that.

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