Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caption Contest

I have a confession to make: I'm very lazy.

I'm also not as funny as you are. So I'm just going to sit this play out and see what the crowd has to offer. 

The game is simple. We'll give you a photo with a blank caption. You fill in the blank. Try to make it funny, and we'll pick the winner. The winner will get the grand honor of getting his/her caption featured on a blog that receives nearly 20 hits per day (wooo!).

The first photo is Chandler Jones from the Big East Media Day Clambake. Leave your best efforts in the comments section and we'll insert the winner onto the photo later in the week.
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  1. Take that Zach Collaros! *snap*

  2. WHY!? Why must another living thing die to feed me? WHY!?!?!? ooo butter sauce.

  3. This is how my bro, Jon "Bones" Jones, would attack a lobster...


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