Monday, August 15, 2011

20 Reasons to be Excited for Syracuse Football - #13

As we move closer to the 2011 Syracuse football season, Lots of Pulp will be counting down the top 20 reasons to be excited for the new year. 

Remember the optimism going into the 2009 season? Greg Robinson was gone, and Doug Marrone, the great Syracuse savior, was at the helm for the first time. The house was pretty full and everyone waited in anticipation for the new era to begin. 

Then Jim McKenzie snapped the ball over Greg Paulus' head for a turnover ... nice start. 


Remember the pistol? Greg Robinson was a fan of it. That's all you need to know.

This is what a pistol does:

This is what a shotgun does:
Which do you want your football team to use?

The good news is, the shotgun is back. Ryan Bartholemew is in the NFL now - he didn't fare much better than McKenzie in case you forgot - and Macky MacPherson already made a cameo appearance shotgun snapping last year.

Expect to see more shotgun to free up Nassib to read the defense better and have more time to make throws. It will also free up ways to move Antwon Bailey around easier and get him the ball in open space.

And this ...


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