Friday, August 5, 2011

20 Reasons to be Excited for Syracuse Football - #19

As we move closer to the 2011 Syracuse football season, Lots of Pulp will be counting down the top 20 reasons to be excited for the new year. 

Dave Rahme is a terrific writer, who covers both football and lacrosse, which is no easy task. He's also friendly enough to answer annoying reader e-mails ranting about lacrosse faceoffs, stalling and rule changes.

But seriously, can we get the man a light or something?


I'm not sure who is kidnapping poor Rahme following every Syracuse football game. They clearly lock him in a closet somewhere and force him at knife-point to breakdown all the action. Do they feed him? Can he use the bathroom? These are questions we need answered.

Some other possible explanations for these cinematographic (that's a word, right?) gems ...

1. Dave Rahme breaks into Marrone's office following every game to break down the games. That's just good reporting there.

2. Doug Marrone crushed Rahme's light with his spectacular thighs one day after practice. Don't ask bad questions, Dave.

3. Rahme gets loaded during every game and needs the poor light to deal with his postgame hangover and sunburn. 

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