Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marinovich Destiny - Who will be next?

By now, you've seen and heard from the man who's making a push to be the next Old Spice guy -

Look at this QB. Now look again. He's a pile of bones and dust.

His efforts are so heroic that we began thinking of other Syracuse sportsmen who've donned the best facial hair. Since the world did not exist before the internet and old pictures are hard to come by via Google, we looked at the recent past, and have made suggestions for our current Orangemen:

A 5? You know how long
this takes to groom?
The Devo penciled chinstrap -The thin chinstrap is just not hyper-masculine enough to really impress.
Rating: 5/10

Because I got _ _ _ _?
 The Afroman - not quite facial hair as his goatee is quite normal, but tremendous kudos for effort above.
Rating: 7/10

Would you mind trimming the strays please?
The Brazilian Brandish - a bit rough around the edges but an ambitious expedition.
Rating: 6/10

Well I don't have a car, and I'm not on twitter because...
The South of the Border - a tribute to not only the Amish but to chin hair everywhere was cut tragically short.
Rating: 6.5/10

So what's next?
It appears that Marinovich is the true trendsetter, looking to pave the way for other Orangemen. While it's not easy for football players (under their helmets and team rules), Mikhail has grown an epic stache and out-debated the Master and Commander to keep it. Impressive effort.

Who will be next to try and pull off the gruff? Who will plant his flag as the man's man of Syracuse sports by donning some of the most respected facial hair in the world?

Don't like it? Tell me.
The Kimbo Slice - bald yet beautiful. Intimidating, eccentric. A great clash of different worlds.

Syracuse nomination -
Baye Moussa Keita

                  *                       *                   *                    *

Truly respected
The Colonel Sanders - A man of great distinction deserves a uniquely classy look. Not only a finely trimmed 'stache, but a terrifically extended flavor savor.

Syracuse nomination: Macky MacPherson. Honorable mention: Ryan Nassib

The question is, can he grow it?
Nassib has the chance to claim himself a true leader, yet MacPherson's bloodlines, stature and frame fit well with the Colonel.
                 *                       *                   *                    *
Great aerodynamics, and great power
The General Burnside - What a terrifically apt name. Powerful yet unique, the burnside stands alone as a sideburn to mustache combo without the need of any chin dressing.
Syracuse nomination:
Offensive Lineman Nick Lepak

If you have any other ideas or know any other Syracuse players with distinctive beards, post them in the comments.

Lastly, if you're around campus, don't forget to let these men know about their great responsibility. Mikhail was the first, and it'd be a shame if he were the last. Pin It Now!

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