Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All the reporting you'll ever need on MJ's daughter

Photo from Twitter: The #1 source
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This week, The Post-Standard "broke" a story about how Michael Jordan's daughter, @MickiJae, will be attending Syracuse next year. In an example of truly incredible reporting prowess, Geoff Herbert quoted her Twitter feed to tell us that Jordan's daughter does, in fact, use Twitter. Journalism!

Herbert also used social media reporting (read: stalking) to find out that Jordan is "like most teenage girls," and that she is LOLing at how big the Urban Outfitters store in Syracuse is.

Seriously, these are actual quotes from the story ...

Jasmine's also been using Twitter to talk with friends who'll be at SU in the fall with her, discussing possible plans to go to the New York State Fair or to see DJ Tiesto perform at the OnCenter, maybe even going shopping downtown in Armory Square. 

She also posted a message to her friend about getting Syracuse clothing -- but not necessarily just at the SU bookstore: "Haha yes!! Omg I'm raiding the store when we get there to get all the cute Victoria secret PINK clothes for SU lol." 

But here's the thing: Despite his remarkable reporting abilities, Geoff missed the real story from Jordan's tweets. Just look at these, for example:

 Jasmine M. Jordan 

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Clearly, Jordan's daughter is bringing swine flu to Syracuse. Vaccinate immediately!

 Jasmine M. Jordan 

She's still hungry!

Michael Jordan's daughter is actually Godzilla. Run for your lives, Syracuse!

 Jasmine M. Jordan 

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