Friday, March 30, 2012

Best and Worst Moments from the Best and Worst Season - No. 4

Editor's note: The wounds are still fresh, but we're recapping one of the most memorable seasons in SU Basketball history. It was the best of times ... it was the worst of times. So in that spirit, we'll count down the Top 5 Best and Worst moments in the most up-and-down season any of us can ever remember. 

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Worst Moment #4
January 21, 2012 - Notre Dame 67, Syracuse 58

God I hate these, f#ckers

It started as a routine Saturday. Get ready for another Syracuse game that would continue to prove the haters wrong and show we could win on the road. Then, a rumor on Twitter turned into pure, unadulterated chaos and hysteria.

First: Handshake specialist and mental warrior Mookie Jones left the team. Next: Fab Melo was labeled everything from the leader of a cheating ring to a student lazier than Nancy Cantor's hairdresser. One thing was clear though, after a few hours of panic; el Bastardo Grande wasn't on the plane to South Bend. Everything goes downhill from there.

Notre Dame decides to play a brand of basketball that should be outlawed. Pass, pass, pass, until one on the shot clock, and throw up a prayer. Of course they go in on this night. They pass on 3-on-1 breaks and pull the ball out to drain the clock.

Chia Pet 2.0 tears up the SU zone and grabs rebound after rebound with Fab Melo absent. To make matters worse, the crowd rushes the court and all the talking heads commence in a media hate-fest, led by a grinning Digger Phelps.

It seems like they might have a point though. It looks like there's no way this team can win without Fab ...


Best Moment #4
February 4, 2012 - Syracuse 95, St. John's 70

All your house is belong to us

Days before Syracuse "traveled" to its home away from home at Madison Square Garden, word began leaking that Fab Melo would be back. It was a welcome sight after three tough games that included SU's first loss and a controversial near loss against West Virginia. Something was missing, and Fab was clearly it.

So when the Big Guy came back against St. John's, it was no surprise the Orange came out firing on all cylinders. It was poetic that a Melo dunk put SU ahead 8-7 for the first time in the game - a lead that would never be relinquished - as they ran up the score against the Johnnies in their "home" building.

Five players in double figures. Winning the rebound battle 42-31. Five blocked shots. Twenty-three assists on 39 field goals. Jim Boeheim tying Dean Smith on the all-time wins list. A couple of signature Dion Waiters fast-break dunks. An even more eye-popping dunk from a child named MCW. It was the type of performance that led you to call your friend to look up RV prices to New Orleans. No joke.

Oh, and it was a reminder to SJU fans who runs NYC. As always, Dion summed it up best on Twitter ...

Blatantly stolen from

And in case there was any doubt. Let's let YouTube explain who's house this is? Make sure to keep your eye on Scoop after the dunk. We'll miss you, Antonio.

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