Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Tale of Two GIFs - Big East Tournament

Let's take one last look back at the Big East Tournament before getting fully prepared for the Big Dance.

The two days in NYC were not exactly how Syracuse fans drew it up. Instead of some serious analysis, we'll happily take the 1 seed and just show a looping reaction to the last two games.

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Win over UConn means, Happy Chancy Nancy with an awkward shake + fist pump!

Then there was the yawn "we're playing?", then a severe foul stench of frustration, then desperation, then final feeling of falling just short vs. Cincinnati (we lied, this takes more than one GIF).

What the hell is that smell? Oh, it's poop in our shorts.

This is making me angry!

I'm too old for this shit. (Julie, at least, finds this funny)

Topped off by a final, flailing effort that falls just short.

So how does SU recover? Well hopefully they put Scoop in the middle of this circle next time and resurrect his skills.
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