Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GIFs of the Week

This week in GIFs, we focus on some terrible refereeing, and a great answer by Syracuse. For some reason, some of these GIFs are in hyperspeed, which just makes them that more entrancing. First up, the debacle that was Notre Dame. While Syracuse's bad play clearly lost them the game, Tim Higgins and his strangely purple nose did not help.

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This just about summed up the night for the referees GIFSoup

ON to Cincinnati, a bit of a better contest, therefore here are some more positive GIFs: "I am not as bad as I looked Saturday" - Signed, Kris Joseph. GIFSoup

It's a pass, it's a shot, it's Scooperman! GIFSoup

But it wouldn't have been a Big East game without a refereeing crew making things interesting. Like calling only one foul for the first 15 or so minutes of the second half. Then there was this doozy. If you're not sure about a particular call, Jim Burr's drunken perspective is probably not the accurate view you're looking for.

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