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Beware the dreaded nonuple bye

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You've heard about all the changes coming for the Big East in the next few years. Who knows what this conference will look like even a week from now, let alone three years from now? But based on the current teams that are expected to be in the fold by 2015, we were able to project what the Big East Tournament field might look like if it happened today.

First, to the standings ...

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Note: Because teams from different conferences played different numbers of games this year, we decided to base it solely on total wins in conference. That inevitably gives a slight advantage to the Big East teams, since they played more games. We also gave the Big East the advantage whenever there was a tie. Basically, the current Big East is better than C-USA and the A-10, so they should have an advantage. We also picked Memphis over Temple, because we felt like it.

2015 Big East Standings
1. Marquette – 25-6 (14-4)
2. Notre Dame – 21-10 (13-5)
3. Memphis – 23-8 (13-3)
4. Temple – 24-6 (13-3)
5. Georgetown – 22-7 (12-6)
6. Cincinnati  – 22-9 (12-6)
7. USF – 19-12 (12-6)
8. Louisville – 22-9 (10-8)
9. UCF – 21-9 (10-6)
10. Seton Hall – 19-11 (8-10)
11. UConn – 18-12 (8-10)
12. Houston – 15-14 (7-9)
13. Rutgers – 14-17 (6-12)
14. St. John's – 13-19 (6-12)
15. Villanova – 12-18 (5-
16. Providence – 15-16 (4-
17. SMU – 13-18 (4-12)
18. DePaul – 12-18 (3-15)

An 18-team bracket inevitably presented some challenges for the conference. The Big East coaches originally voted for a five round tournament, with four teams playing on the first day, and the remaining 14 playing four days in order to win the championship. But obviously, Marinatto being the businessman he is, couldn't pass up on scheduling 10 separate dates in Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, so he told the coaches to F-off. 

Who could resist 10 days in Atlantic City?
That's 10 days of buffets for Marinatto.

Now, nearly every team will receive a bye, with the regular season champion advancing immediately to the conference title game. Just imagine the intrigue when DePaul is playing Marquette for the championship on its 10th consecutive gameday with the NCAA Tournament hanging in the balance. John, you're a genius. 

Click on the image below to take a look at the projected bracket ...

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