Thursday, January 19, 2012

What lies ahead - Notre Dame

It feels like forever since the last SU hoops game, but we've almost made it to Saturday, so let's look ahead to the Orange's upcoming foe.

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No, they're not just playing against Eric Atkins, Jerian Grant and Jack Cooley - three players that have averaged double figures for the Irish, which is something even Syracuse can't boast about this year.

They're up against this ...

Digger Phelps is a creepy old man, who must be stopped (We have a creepy old man scandal too, you say? I do not know what you speak of. Moving on ...).

You may know Digger as the annoying guy on ESPN who matches his highlighter to his tie.

Or perhaps you remember him as the Notre Dame coach from 1971-1991.

He also is still an unabashed Irish supporter who takes just a little too much pride in Notre Dame wins for a supposed "analyst."

But that's neither here, nor there. His real crimes are much more heinous.

Digger is a creeper. And he's coming for all your cheerleaders and dance team members.

We can't have this, SU basketball fans.

For the love of god ...

A win for Notre Dame is a win for this ...

And nobody wants that.

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