Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You may have heard today that there is a #LegitimateChance Nerlens Noel may decide to join John Calipari and his band of freshman phenoms in Kentucky. That nugget came courtesy of John Rothstein of CBS Sports this morning.

There's a #LegitimateChance
Noel's fade won't fit in Manley
Nation of Orange quickly passed on reports from and Adam Zagoria confirming that Noel has in fact, not made a decision, and there is no timeframe for him to do so.

But that got us to thinking. What other things are legitimately possible in this great world of ours? Let's discuss ...

-There's a #LegitimateChance Bernie Fine will buy another house in Syracuse after he sells this one.

-There's a #LegitimateChance Dion Waiters changes his mind, does not sign an agent, but transfers to Villanova so he can be closer to Philly. Did you know he's from Philly?

-There's a #LegitimateChance SU basketball players will stop making spelling mistakes and prove that in the wake of Fab Melo's departure, Syracuse athletes are, in fact, literate.

-There's a #LegitimateChance Scoop Jardine will be drafted ahead of Austin Rivers. Experience baby. You can't teach it. Or can you? You're not born with it? Whatever. F-You.

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