Friday, January 20, 2012

The Annoying Notre Dame Player Awards

Most Syracuse fans can agree that Notre Dame is annoying. Whether it's the (literally) holier than thou attitude, touchdown Jesus or the ugly white shooter. They're just so irritating.

And these guys have been the most annoying in the past 10 years. (note: there's probably more annoying guys from before 2002, but I didn't really see any of them play, so I'd just be basing it off box score numbers, and you can do that yourself).

The Kardashian Family Annoying Brother Award
And the winner is ... Luke Zeller
At least no Zellers went to Duke
Luke, Tyler and Cody Zeller decided to go to school at Notre Dame, North Carolina and Indiana. Seriously guys, pick more annoying schools.

Runner up: Ben Hansbrough
Hansrough was an OK player, who averaged 10.5 points per game in two meetings with SU. He's no Tyler, but that doesn't make us hate him any less.

The We Respect You, But Just F*#$ing Graduate Already Award
We get it, you try really hard
And the winner is ... 
Luke Harangody
Harangody is among the all-time greats in Big East history, and he didn't disappoint against SU, dropping 22.2 PPG and pulling down 13.6 RPG. You would score a lot of points too, though, if you put up literally 100 shots in five games, and your hair looked like it was grown on a chia pet.

Runner up: Torin Fancis
Honestly, I barely remember Francis, but he was remarkably consistent against the Orange, averaging 16 points and 9.5 rebounds per game (six games in four years). He scored at least 13 points every game and grabbed at least 6 boards every game.

The George Costanza White Chucker Award
Quick, shoot before you cross the line
And the winner is ... 
Colin Falls
In four seasons for the Irish (2003-2007), Falls put up 56 shots in seven games against Syracuse. Of those 56 shots, three (3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) were from inside the three point line. He made exactly one 2-point FG in those four years. Falls chucked at least eight threes in  each of his last five games against SU. I'm pretty sure he though there was lava inside the arc.

Runner up: Kyle Mcalarney
Mcalarney's biggest offenses came in his last two seasons. He drained seven triples against the Orange in scoring 24 points in '09 just one season after going 9-11 for 30 points (all of his FGs coming from 3-point land) in '08.

The Lifetime Achievement Award
This guy played in the NBA. I sh*t you not.
Chris Quinn
Quinn could have gone in the Chucker category - he certainly shot enough threes against SU (37 attempts in six games over four seasons). But Quinn is too special to get lumped into just one minor category of annoyance. The fact that he looked like a rat made us want to hate him enough, but the most annoying thing about Quinn came after he left Notre Dame. While our fearless Gerry McNamara was forced to go to the NBDL and Europe to make a living in basketball, Rat Boy  played in 234 NBA games with Miami, San Antonio and New Jersey. It just doesn't make any sense.

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