Monday, January 30, 2012


You're definitely coming to this site for fair and accurate reporting on the Fab Melo situation, right? Well, anyway ... Twitter never lies. Here's the latest on where Fab has been and when he might be able to come back. From #FabMeloRumors.

A prof. tried to throw away a crumpled piece of paper that was viciously blocked into their eye causing serious retina damage

Fab Melo has spent the past 2 weeks in Dagobah studying to be a Jedi Knight. 

Following in footsteps of all great SU centers, Fab is DJ'ing in South Beach. 

Fab Melo was actually hired as an interim cherry picker for cats, midgets, etc. who were stuck in trees 

": Fab Melo is actually a crime fighting super hero that needed a few days off to fight evil. Hell b bak Sat " BUSTED

Since Fab, himself, retweeted that last one, we know it must be true. Take that "journalism."

Add to the flow of citizen journalism with the hashtag #FabMeloRumors and help us get to the TRUTH.

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  1. This is about as thorough as the PS so well done gents! Love it


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