Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Chipotle turned Fab Melo into a (skinny) star

People have written some nasty things about Chipotle in recent years. It's been blamed for everything from Scoop Jardine's performance on the court to the recent Snow-poc-a-lypse in Connecticut (just wait ... you'll see).

But in defense of Chipotle, it can have some very positive effects on Syracuse basketball.

There was one universal reaction to the SU basketball team's exhibition last night. Seth Davis was right.

 Seth davis 
I've been standing here wondering where Fab Melo is. He's been here the whole time--I just didn't recognize him. Lost weight in his face.

So how did Fab lose all that weight? Chipotle, of course. Still don't believe me? Well, I think it went something like this ...

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