Monday, February 6, 2012

GIFs of the Week

Sure, there may have been other sporting events this weekend, but one in particular was GIFtacular. Syracuse's massacre of St. John's provided a rich collection of GIFs, stocking this edition to the max.

GIFs of the week: February 6th
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This first one was made by accident, but it pretty much sums up what we all think of St. John's claiming to be NY's team. And it shows Boeheim showing a strange, slightly Italian side. GIFSoup  

You ask what it means to have Fab back - well here's a visual display. Blocks. Fast Breaks. Slams. GIFSoup
The game was full of some classic Jimmy B faces. 
First up - Jim is only somewhat pleased by the score.

Jim was red and ready to rage, prowling before the kill.

A classic Jimmy B death-stare for MCW. I have the feeling Jim may have inspired the young man.


Seems like MCDubz got the message.


From what Dion Waiters knows, MSG is Syracuse's gym.


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