Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rise and Fire! The Story of Gus Johnson's Ascent and Breakup with CBS Sports

By now, you have to know the unfortunate news.

This will be the first NCAA tournament in recent memory without epic, screaming, Gus Johnson calls.

CBS and Gus had quite a ride:

For a best of, go to YouTube. I couldn't bear posting a video with that game with the "from the parking lot" call.

No more Rise and Fire! No more For the WINNNNNN! No more OOOO WHAT A GAME!

If you're wondering why I'm yelling these at you, go to this website. Click on all of your favorite Gus Johnson sayings, begin crawling, curl up in the fetal position, comfort yourself with the PURREEE call, and then return to whatever you were doing before.

So, you say, what happened to Gus Johnson? Where will he be this March?

There is an answer to this question. Gus is taking his talents to the scripted world of television.

If it's not going to be March Madness, going to SVU is the best thing Gus could do. (H/T Andrew DiSalvo for the video).

"The charge is murder in the first degree. HERE comes the pain! Guilty. Count it!" Pin It Now!

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