Tuesday, March 6, 2012

High or Not?

Is this the next logo in the ever-changing series?
By now, you've heard the earth-shattering news that Syracuse basketball players may have smoked weed, and then played basketball. A favorite activity for many college students, athletes or not.

Sure, there's the issue of Syracuse not following it's own policy. And there's the issue that the NCAA says "Make your own rules if you want. Follow them. If you don't we'll come punish you." They should probably just have their own policy.

Rules for cream cheese on bagels? Absolutely.

Policy on enforcing drug use by athletes? Eh, too complicated.

Since Syracuse is the only school in the entire NCAA that has players who use recreational drugs, and it is the only school that does not punish these players, we've dug deep into photo archives in an investigative piece of our own.

High or Not? The past decade of potentially stoned SU Basketball Players

Jostling playfully for a candid photo, or  
giggling hysterically at Mookie Watkins cause his eyes are even droopier after some bong rip exercises.

Two friends enjoying a meal...or

Eagerly anticipating their Johnny Rockets burger after an afternoon full of the ever-lethal Madden and Cannibis combo?

Playing some aggressive doofy defense....or

Mistaking this poor offensive player for a mid game munchie break?

Is Billy Edelin missing....or

Is he just passed out on a couch somewhere?

Is Paul Harris confused about the score....

Or is Paul Harris just confused about the score?

Eric Devendorf trying to loosen up Jimmy B....or

telling coach, "Me fail a drug test? That's unpossible."

  Letting everyone know he's a deadly three-point shooter....or

Showing the Carrier Dome proper form for holding two joints at once.

Cheering on a player after some eye surgery....or

so blazed that the Carrier Dome lights were just too damn bright.

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