Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baye Keita's new diet

It's no secret Baye has been getting pushed around a lot. With Fab out, it's just becoming a little more obvious, and Yancy Gates did a pretty good job of pointing out the slender Keita's main deficiency. He's just too damn skinny.

Thankfully, there's a solution. Word is, Baye is on a new diet, and his friends helped him put it together.

Cheesesteaks (Scoop Jardine)
Good thing scoop cut back on the cheeseteaks
Scoop told Donna back in November that his favorite food is the good old Philly Cheesesteak (did you know Scoop is from Philly???). Plus, Baye just needs to put on half the weight Scoop lost from freshman year to be effective.

Brazilian Steakhouse (Fab Melo)
Mmmm ... meat rods
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you couldn't get an endless supply of meat in Senegal. Fab could probably show his fellow big man a thing or two about binge eating.

Peanut Butter and Fluff (Michael Carter-Williams)
It's so nice they let a child hang out with the team
Sure, MCW doesn't look like he can eat, since he weighs 85 lbs (approximately). But eventually he'll hit puberty and that PB and Fluff will go straight to his gut.

Christmas Cookies (Rakeem Christmas)
 Insert pun here ...

Baye's also getting some help from guys who already left the program. They're very concerned about his malnourished frame.

Everything at Kimmel and Schine (Craig Forth)
Who's next in line? I got this ...
Obviously #51 is buying, so go nuts, Baye.

Funk N' Waffles (Kristof Ongenaet)
1 waffle ... coming up
You know the Belgian loves the waffles. But did you know he also loves the funk?

And last but not least, Jimmy B still has a few tricks up his sleeve ...

Baye vs. Food
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  1. Don't forget about Bologna and Gatorade c/o of HCDM.

    And we got all that Canadian Bacon being shipped in for KJo i'm sure he could spare some... and what about the truck loads of Reese's Pieces?

    1. Terrific ideas.

      You must be some sort of nutritionist. Take a trip up to the Cuse. The team could use you.


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