Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GIFs of the Week

In an effort to add more glorious looping visuals to the internet, Lots of Pulp will be amassing GIFs of Syracuse athletics and other fun-sporting videos each week.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet us the link @CusePulpTashmo or @CusePulpDesoto. Or you can attempt to make the GIF yourself at gifsoup.com.

GIFtacular: January 17th
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First, the Cuse-related plays. Sure there were a lot of pretty plays on Saturday and Monday. But then there were also plays like Fab Melo's dive against oxygen.


Next up, CJ Fair with quite the dunk-nasty face. It's truly a shame that we had to listen to ESPN's A-squad instead of Dickey Simpkins


Now on to the rest of the world of sports:
Washington State's coach Ken Bone badly wanted that timeout. So bad that he made a scene to make sure the ref knew what he was calling for.


You forget football's National Championship was only last week. Let's relive one of LSU's best offensive plays.


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