Thursday, October 27, 2011

WVU classier than Syracuse? Try again.

So the Post-Standard decided to print a letter to the editor from a former West Virginia resident about the lack of class by Syracuse fans on Friday night. The author complains of chants and booing directed towards the classiest fans on the Eastern Seaboard - West Virginia faithful

Having been part of the awesome tailgating scene and great atmosphere in the Dome that night, this tells me two things.

1) The Syracuse Football fans in Syracuse showed up, were loud, were proud, and added a slight touch of perfectly acceptable hostility. "You suck" and booing really bothers you? Oh boy, just wait.

2) This writer should probably open these letters from WVU's president and AD in his or her inbox.

Hey WVU fans, please stop embarrassing us - Oliver Luck

Hey WVU fans, please stop throwing things and also embarrassing us - WVU President Jim Clements.

Yes, that's MUCH classier.

I was really impressed by the crowd on Friday night. Lets keep that momentum going. Just remember, next time you're at a game, politely clap for the opposing fans. Pin It Now!

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