Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#Shamarko's Worldwide Workout

With a bye week, cars around Syracuse got a break as #Shamarko had a few days to travel.

In his free time, #21 took a trip down to New York. As a Twitter hashtag celebrity himself, he decided to take in the #occupywallstreet protests with Kanye.
#Shamarko walks with us.

Yet instead of posturing, he was inspired to be a true man of the people.

Shamarko listens to the concerns of the crowd, and attempts to right the wrongs of the current day. All while getting a beastly workout of course.
27 months? We'll see if you're awake by then.

And then, #Shamarko took the time to deliver a blow to the man who started this whole mess.
What's worth doing is worth doing despite pain, Gordon Gecko.
After #Shamarko smacks around WVU, keep an eye out for where #21 will go next.

Remember, before you misstep, #Shamarko will find you. And he will punish you. Pin It Now!

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