Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Players of the week - movie edition

This blog is a little late to the Players of the Week party, this week. I guess the blog is still a little hungover - literally and figuratively - from the big win and postgame tailgate (postgate?).

This week's players of the week are brought to you by each guy's favorite movie. Without further delay ...

Chandler Jones - Deliverance

Big 99 made Geno Smith squeal like a piggy all night, sacking the WVU QB twice and hitting him more times than Scott Shaffer could even keep count. Don't wander into the Carrier Dome and get lost again, Geno. Or else.

Siriki Diabate - Coming to America

Where the hell did this guy come from? All season, Diabate looked like a guy working at a fake McDonald's, with just 10 tackles in five games. But on Friday night the junior proved that maybe he's always been royalty and we just didn't notice, with his seven tackle performance, including half a sack and countless mayhem-causing moments.

Nick Provo and David Stevens - Hollow Man

Clearly these guys were invisible on Friday, right? West Virginia certainly never saw them on the field, but they somehow found their way into the end zone four times, virtually untouched each time. Very mysterious. Pin It Now!

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