Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 10 (Awful) WVU Athletics Photos

Well, it's back to the grind for the Cardiac Cuse this week as they host West Virginia on Friday night.

We'll be making the trip up to the Cuse from the nation's capital, and I'm sure a few of our favorite trashy West Virginia fans will make the trek up north as well.

Before you do a google image search for “Trashy West Virginia Fans” - we've gone ahead and assembled a nice little collection of them here for you.

And in consideration for any WVU fans looking for themselves, we've kept the list short so you can keep count. 

10 Best (Awful) West Virginia Pictures 

First, the honorable mention. Just too many to choose from.
Surprised he went with an undershirt at all.
You're an asshole. Better t-shirts later.
A. No!   B. Can you sound any creepier? Trust you? No thanks.


*Note - WVU fans, if you need help with the funny numbers, click here

10.  WVU exudes class. And it starts at the top
Let me get those matching mustard shoes.

9. Speaking of class...
By plane?

8. While we're on the topic of fire...
Hottest action he's ever had on a couch

 7.  Well this is disturbing. You two aren't even related!

6. Did you know Forrest Gump made an appearance at a WVU game? I though he was an Alabama man.

5.  Well, that was probably the programs most upstanding, intelligent fan. 

Here's another great wardrobe appearance.

4. Sweet sweatshirt bro. But you've got nothing on this guy.
All that's missing is jean shorts. Guess we'll never know.

3.  Even when WVU wins, they lose. More great wardrobe. Read carefully.

2. Quite the D-Line. They really catch anything trying to squeeze through the hole.

1. This must have been the first quarter. A few minutes later, and she would have been covered in urine and tobacco spit.

Well, there you go everyone. You're now all caught up.

Make sure to leave links in the comments section to any pictures that we missed.  

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