Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family. It Really Does Run Deep.

When Dajuan Coleman was being recruited by Syracuse, images of DC flashed before every Cuse fan's eyes. Since Dajuan is a hefty PF, and so was the original DC, it's clear the two are related.
Derrick and Dajuan. Family Forever.

With possibly one of the most dynamic sets of relatives set to rewrite the Syracuse record books, we take a look at some other excelling Syracuse athletic figures tied by the same bloodlines.

Don McPherson, Dick MacPherson
Clearly there is nothing here that would suggest that:
a) their names are actually spelled differently.
b) they are anything less than first cousins.

CJosh Fairpace
No disputing here. Book it. Picked up playing styles from each other during driveway basketball.

Shamarko and Phillip love the US. And their family.
Hard-hitting. Relentless. Hermanos.

Andy and Leo. Feel like this one might be true.
Not sure about this one. Think this may have been brought up once or twice.
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