Friday, October 7, 2011

#BeatTulane - Hopefully this isn't their gameplan

On the eve of the Tulane contest, we hope that Syracuse's football fortunes change.

As Dave Rahme pointed out this morning, Rutgers basically dared Syracuse to beat its corners, and the Orange wideouts couldn't.

The team is not only desperate for a playmaker, but some wrinkles in an offense that has become quite predictable.

Now, I know Marrone helped the Saints offense put up spectacular numbers, and that he's working with a more limited crop of talent at SU, but I expect more. My man crush on Dougles has been well stated, but the offensive playcalling is an area that he (and as a result, Nathaniel Hackett) must improve on.

I get that we can't do too much. But that doesn't mean that every pass must be either 6 or less yards, or a deep bomb. That also doesn't mean that we must limit ourselves to these passing plays:
- 4 yard rub route to David Stevens or Nick Provo
- Swing route to Bailey
- Curl to Lemon, Provo, 6 yards or less
- Quick slant to Lemon or Chew
- Bomb to Chew, Bomb to Lemon

Nassib is talented, but lets give him a little more freedom to operate. Otherwise we're going to be looking at a lot of 17-21 point performances by our offense, which is going to severely limit the team's margin for victory.

BUT, we can always hope that Tulane's gameplan isn't paying attention to these points, and are instead focusing on something else altogether:

You've seen what Shamarko is capable of earlier this week.

Could Tulane be next alongside to Navy?

A Doug Marrone double negative - well done, sir.
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