Monday, October 17, 2011

Speaking of Bad Hires

When rumors began swirling that Greg Robinson miraculously may have been in the mix for a job with the Eagles (yes, a football job), it got us thinking.

With one of the worst hires of all-time possible, what are some other historically awful hires?

- Drew Carey (The Price is Right) – Bob Who? Feel that excitement …

- Rich Kotite

I'm not going to rip on him for his Starter jacket wardrobe, because, well, we all did that in the mid 90s.

Richy Rich stepped in for Pete Carrol (another bad hire) in 1995 for the NY Jets. He took an already declining team, and sent it to new lows. 3-13 in 1995, and then the absolutely dismal 1-15 1996 season.

"In both of his seasons as head coach, the Jets had the worst record in the NFL. Two days prior to his last game as Jets coach in 1996, Kotite announced he was stepping down and has never returned to the NFL sidelines in any coaching capacity"

Slayed. Wikipedia style.

Michael Brown (FEMA) – Everyone knows being the commissioner of the Arabian Horses association prepares you well for a job in the Federal Emergency Management Agency. What’s the worst that could happen with this hire? Oh …

- ESPN - Matthew Barnaby (he romances coworkers then gets arrested in Buffalo, NY)

Lou Holtz - I respect him as a coach, but I just cannot understand what he is trying to say. It would probably help if he wasn't fed peanut butter before studio tapings.

Andrea Adelson - of course. We miss you Brian Bennett (never thought we'd say that).

- Tom Cable - Coaching the Raiders puts you in a tough spot. Yet Tom Cable was doing a pretty admirable job. He had taken an underachieving team and was making progress. The team even reached .500 last year and had a 6-0 divisional record! So why is this a bad hire?
Ah, that's right, watch your jaw!

Oh, there's more?

Speaking of those Raiders...

Lane Kiffin - I mean there's not much to say here. You hire him. He's a d-bag. Good chance he turns his back on you, smirks, and then will lead his next team to mediocrity.

Boy, that's some tough hair there Lane.
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