Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shamarko's Worldwide Workout

After hearing about #Shamarko's unorthodox and superhuman workouts, it got us thinking. What else does The Man do in his spare time, while we sit on our couches?

Someone, our spy didn't get tackled by Shamarko, and was able to capture a few of #21's exploits.

The fiercest member of New York's College Team stands up for the little guys.

Pants on the ground? You on the ground! Sorry Selena.

No Maine this year, this was the next best thing.

Shamarko can be sneaky as well.

Seems like #Shamarko is also doing some work to right the history of Syracuse Athletics
Tie this Patricia Dye!

No, the ACC won't save you from me.

Keep an eye out to see where #Shamarko will go next...righting the wrongs of society while getting his vicious workout in. 

Next time you're contemplating doing something fishy, remember that #Shamarko can be anywhere at anytime. And he'll let you know when you've acted incorrectly. Pin It Now!

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