Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Housekeeping Items

Rather than continually bombarding you via Twitter, we figured we'd put this all on one post. If you like Lots of Pulp, we want to make sure you can get your daily dose from all of our available outlets. We're going global on this bitch ... so get on board, or get left behind.

-You already found, so that's nice.

-Follow us on Twitter at @CusePulpTashmo and @CusePulpDesoto 

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-Follow our Tumblr at and be sure to "Submit Your Own" Boeheim Staredown HERE or by clicking the button that tells you to do exactly that (duh).

-If you like our "Lots of Pulp Studios" videos, click here to view or subscribe to our YouTube Channel 

And last but not least, here are some handy dandy links to some of our ongoing series you may enjoy. 

Thanks to all of you who continue to support us through reading, re-tweeting and providing additional content. 
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