Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Oh, crap, it's Valentine's Day, and you forgot to get a card. Didn't you? Don't lie.

Well, fear not, fellow Orange fan. Because Lots of Pulp has the cure to your ills. No need to run to CVS on the way home to pick up the last remaining Valentine. Just print out one of these beauties and your sweetheart will know you care ... about SU Sports ... and her (or him), of course.

And if you want to go all HAM on your own, we left a blank one at the bottom for you to write your own message. Just go to http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ and add the text there. And let us know if you have some better ideas on Twitter with #SUValentine.


Obviously, we know you love Coach Boeheim, but you should make sure he knows that too by sending him one of these special cards ...

And don't worry SU Basketball players. We know you were too busy traveling to Louisville on Monday to get a card, so we got you covered with these pre-customized Valentines.

There are even a few versions for some of our favorite special guests from outside the program ...


And last but not least, one from us to you ...

Want to make an #SUValentine of your own? You can with this template below at http://wigflip.com/roflbot/. Let us know what your best Valentine message is in the comments or on Twitter at #SUValentine.

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