Monday, February 13, 2012

GIFs of the Week

Hell week concluded on Saturday, with another SU beatdown of a bitter rival. It's always fun to beat Georgetown and UConn, no matter where they are in the rankings (or out of the rankings), but the Louisville game tonight is what really matters. But for now, let's take a minute to enjoy the week that was, through GIFs.

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Hopkins goes for the head pat ... obviously Gerry has to one-up him with the furious butt smack.


Jim almost digs for gold ...


Pretty much the only noticeable thing Triche did on Saturday ...


That ain't "Fair" (showing myself out)


Fab got beat up in the second half a little, but he did at one point tell a UConn player to simply, "get the f out"


Mr. Clutch smiling down the court.


Oldie but goodie. Louisville may own us, but we'll play them tough every time

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