Thursday, February 2, 2012

SUper Bowl Prop Bets

Syracuse plays St. John's on Saturday. The Super Bowl is Sunday. Time for some SU themed prop bets.

Sing it, Kelly!
What will last longer?
Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem (-200)
Rakeem Christmas' time on the court before Boeheim takes him out for the first time? (+250)

What topic will be mentioned more?
MSG is like a home game for Syracuse (+105)
Eli and Peyton Manning are brothers (-110)

Who will have more turnovers?
Scoop Jardine (-110)
Tom Brady (+110)

Brian is pulling for this one
Who will make more pained faces?
Scoop Jardine (-150)
Eli Manning (+150)

Who will catch more balls this weekend?
Chad Ochocinco (+105)
Baye Keita (-105

What will the game broadcasts show more of this weekend?
David Tyree's helmet catch (-125)
Syracuse vs. UConn 6 OT game at MSG (+125)

Floyd who? Larry who?
Will anyone mention that Tom Coughlin went to Syracuse?
No (-250)
Yes (+250)

Will anyone mention the Super Bowl during the Syracuse game?
No (+300)
Yes (-350)

Will anyone mention that Syracuse doesn't play true road games during the St. John's game, which is a road game?
No (+515)
Yes (-515)

Color of Gatorade poured on winning coach on Sunday?

Last year it was Orange. Who knew?
-Orange (+450)
-Anything else (-500)

Got any more? Leave them in the comments. Or if you think we botched the odds, tell us what you think, Mr. Vegas. Pin It Now!

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