Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revenge of the Alley Oop GIF - Syracuse beats Rutgers

Syracuse's matinee matchup against Rutgers on Sunday may have been a bit closer than Cuse fans likely expected. While we could sit here and critique why the game was so close, there's a simple explanation. Rutgers (outside of their coach) simply doesn't bring it in the looping play department. Syracuse, however, made sure they gave plenty of good GIF.

Syracuse vs. Rutgers
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First off, Dion Waiters has a trademark dunk. Or as Dickey Simpkins (we miss you by the way, Dickey) would say, "The waiter serves you the daily special, whether you like it or not!"
Dion's trademark returned against Rutgirls.

You may have heard the shocking, disturbing news over the weekend that Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters are not cousins. Ridiculous, I know.

But that doesn't mean Scoop and Dion won't be there to support each other.

Scoop sure was in a good mood Saturday. He finally decided to back up his claim as "college's best alley ooper"

To Dion:

To Robot Triche, who somehow soars horizontally to the ground:

To CJ, who in mid-air decides to reverse. Nice. Check out Scoop hopping off the screen in excitement (stage left).

"All this alley-ooping is making my back sore."

"I think I'll try something different"

So what did the coaches think of all this?
First up, Mike Rice is on crack.

This looks like a tough workout.

It appears he may want the ball

Give Rice another 30 years and he'll mellow out. Unless Jim Burr's liver somehow holds strong.

"Oh my god."
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