Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who has the better Adonis?

This weekend marks a true clash of titans. A battle of foes so powerful, there can only be room for one to emerge from the rubble. Greek mythology could have never dreamed up such a formidable, apocalyptic battle ... or could it?

Adonis Ameen-Moore vs. Adonis Thomas, for the ultimate prize of GREATEST ADONIS EVER!

In case you didn't pay attention in 7th grade mythology class, here is Wikipedia's entry on the legend of Adonis.

Tale of the tape

The name Adonis comes from "Northwest Semitic antecedents," so Syracuse's Adonis picked the right school (not sure there are many Jews in Toledo) - +1 Ameen-Moore

Adonis was worshiped by "unspoken mystery religions," which is kind of like a school that comes out of nowhere and beats good teams. Sounds like Toledo - +1 Thomas

During the "Festival of Adonis," the plants sprang up soon and withered quickly. Sounds like Syracuse's offense against USC - +1 Ameen Moore

Adonis may be the spawn of a night of incest between Myrrha and her father, Theias. Sounds like a Thursday night in Toledo (Boom!) - +1 Thomas

The entry states: An extremely attractive youthful male is often called an Adonis. Which one of these guys looks like an Adonis to you?

As Tracy Jordan says ... "too small"
You think you can tackle THIS?

That's what I thought - +1 Ameen Moore

Final score: 3-2 Ameen-Moore. All your Adonises are belong to us!
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