Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week In: Fun with Screenshots

One of our favorite sources for information on the 'Cuse, Brent Axe, was gracious enough to begin a new show with master-scribe Bud Poliquin.

The show, titled "The Bud and Brent Show", gave us some good dialogue about three issues surrounding the current SU sports scene. Cast in a PTI like setting, the two debate with a nice back and forth right away.

Yet, with a few clicks, it's just too easy to have fun at the show's expense (more specifically UConn grad Bud). Here's how the pre-edited version might have actually sounded.

Bud: Great, look who they've now paired me with. A man of only the spoken word. No use for the pen in his hand, a fallacy that he'd even carry it near both an orator and wordsmith such as myself.

Bud, still comfortable enough to continue congratulating himself.

Axe: I appreciate that you let me begin the segment as the one speaking, but can I at least finish my sentence?

Bud: No. Heed the hand.

Axe: I cannot escape this tyranny. Someone please help! Throw me a line! Save me!

Axe (in his best threatening Popeye voice): You said you were going to debate sir, that takes two voices!

Bud (chuckles): He thinks he can fluster me with a suggestive digit.

Bud: Boom. Didn't forecast this one coming did you disc jockey? Been behind the mic too long.

Axe: Really? Is that how we're doing this show?

Bud: Hehehe, it sure is ya little wiz bang. It sure is.
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