Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 10 Things Worse Than Being 2-0

There's been a bunch of negativity surrounding the Orange's 2-0 start.

Sure, it hasn't been pretty. But you know what? It's still 2-0. -- INSERT GENERIC QUOTE --wins being wins, ugly 2-0 better than pretty 0-2...

Seriously, though. Analysis is fine, but moan about the ugly 2-0 start if the team nosedives.

For now, Negative Nancies, here's something different so you can appreciate the 2-0 start.

TOP 10 Syracuse-Related Things Worse Than Being 2-0

10. Wearing a dynasty shirt and not realizing the definition on the front in no way fits the team you're rooting for.

9. Having a coward like Pat Dye as your head coach.

8. Seeing, listening to, or being generally abused by Fergie. Did you see that national anthem? Good job timing the anthem for the flyover. And way to end an emotional ceremony by screaming into the mic. She also peed herself.

7. Watching an adorable puppy ...

... being murdered.

6. Having a drunk southern Dick Tracy as a coach

5. Having an arrogant coach with a smoking hot wife. We already have one of those.

4. Attending "school" at Rutgers.

3. Being coached by a stuffed animal.

2. Participating in The Wave.

1. Being pathetic, hating yourself and then covering yourself in paint.

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