Monday, September 5, 2011

WEEK 1 PLAYERS OF THE GAME - Fast Food Edition

After each Syracuse contest, we'll be bringing you players of the game.

But instead of boring you with statistics, we'll give you ridiculous analogies that will give you much more clarity than those numbers everyone talks about.

Van Chew
Wendy's - He's open late. Doesn't wow you until you're a bit more drunk.

Ryan Nassib
 Chipotle - Long lines lead to a slow start, yet once you need it, it's efficient. Tasty. Unexpected explosive activity late as well.

Antwon Bailey
Domino's - He'll wear you down and then wear you down some more. Just like when you really don't want Domino's. You fight it off, and then finally, it just gets to you. You fold. Wake Forest – this makes you the fat drunk one.

The Entire Defense 

Taco Bell - Foul for three quarters, the beef was questioned on Scott Shafer's unit. Thankfully something resembling meat filled the middle as the game approached midnight in the 4th and OT. Just in the nick of time.
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